Why Synycs?

We are a blockchain development firm with a team of visionary developers and designers who strive to make enterprise-grade software solutions for businesses around the world. Synycs offers Hyperledger support, Consulting and other services for any firms onboarding to the Hyperledger scope

We are committed to being a reliable tech partner by meeting even the most complex development requirements and specifications of our clients. Every digital transformation initiative should include Blockchain Technology as it is a need of the hour.

Blockchain delivers value in being able to form the trust factor amongst your stakeholders of digital platforms. Every single one of our projects sees the light of day after extensive research by our competent R&D team. The projects include Tokenization, Loyalty, Rewards on Ethereum etc.



Why blockchain for your products?

Integrating blockchain technology into your digital transformation assets will benefit you in various aspects of your products.


Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI)

  • Verifiable Credentials
  • Zero Knowledge Proof
  • optimize

    Asset Track & Trace

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Auto Parts Traceability & Authentication
  • Food Parts Traceability & Authentication
  • Drug Parts Traceability & Authentication
  • Luxury Goods Tracking & Authentication
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
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    Smart Contracts

  • Contract Management
  • Escrow
  • Wagers
  • Digital Rights
  • Application Logic Contracts
  • Safety Contracts
  • Automatic Remittance
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    Decentralized Finance

  • Crowd Funding
  • Asset Partial Ownership
  • Payments
  • Loyalty Programs/Coupons
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    Record Keeping & Authentication

  • Voting
  • Title Records
  • Intellectual Property
  • Warrantee Records
  • Mortagages & Loans
  • Payment Settlement
  • Energy Distribution
  • Carbon Accounting
  • optimize

    Verifiable Record

  • Credentials
  • Insurance Records
  • Health Records
  • Citizen Records
  • Services

    We are always on our toes about providing countable gains to our clients. We practice a holistic approach to provide blockchain application development with quality and adherence to deadlines. Our proficiency in the blockchain development landscape magnifies the capabilities of your enterprise. We use a variety of tools, technologies, and protocols to develop secure blockchain applications.



    A guide to navigating through challenges

    Verifiable Credentials

    Zero Knowledge Proof



    Grade Your Products

    Scale-up Model Execution

    Systems Intergration

    Execute Rollout

    Testing and Deployment




    Understand your Customer Requirements & Business Challenges

    Product Fitment Qualification

    Product Demo

    Scope Definition

    Engagement Term Sheet