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AWS Build & Manage

Do you have a game-changing idea?
Do you believe in its potential and are ready to take the entrepreneurial leap?
  • Look no further. Let us be your partners in turning your vision into reality.
  • We excel in crafting robust IT infrastructure and application systems on AWS using its powerful services. Our expertise ensures seamless execution of your application and traffic movement in record time, with a smile every step of the way.
Synycs AWS DevOps Strength keeps you ahead in the race
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AWS Native Application Modernizations

Are you encountering challenges with your legacy software, where a significant portion of tasks still require manual intervention, the need for thorough review prior to confirming changes, and the absence of fundamental automation?
  • Consider the opportunity to modernize your application to an adept, scalable, flexible, cost-effective, highly dependable, and seamless operational model, encompassing comprehensive automation, meticulous accountability, and robust reporting. All components are developed, tested, and executed expeditiously within the AWS framework
Synycs AWS GenAI capabilities transform your business into the Best in the industry
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AWS “Well Architectured Review” (WAR)

  • We conduct a comprehensive architectural assessment of your current AWS infrastructure, involving cross-functional teams within the organization.
  • This assessment encompasses all facets of business operations and processes to identify any operational shortcomings and propose industry-recognized IT-driven remedies.
  • The ensuing advisory report is formulated through the assimilation of data from diverse departments, with the resultant recommendations being presented to the senior management for requisite action.
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Simple AWS Migrations

  • We're happy to offer an automated evaluation of on-site IT systems, along with a complete study of what's possible and a report on cost-effectiveness.
  • You can smoothly shift your IT systems to AWS within a day or two, using expert methods, and supported by detailed migration documents.
Automation Migration at its best
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Complex AWS Migrations

  • Large-scale migrations encompassing numerous servers and third-party software onto a multi-cloud environment from diverse locations are managed by Synycs' subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • These experts conduct workload-specific proof of concepts (POCs) supported by comprehensive documentation and success reports to address legacy software and complex database architectures.
  • The migration is orchestrated in a phased approach, commencing from less critical to mission-critical IT systems, preceded by a thorough analysis of on-premises business operations.
  • The Synycs Migration Experts Team proceeds by proposing a secure migration path to ensure a meticulous and foolproof implementation plan.
  • The project is executed with paramount efficiency and precision, underlining a commitment to excellence.
Synycs Operational Standards at its best
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Complete AWS Migrations

Are you a large-scale enterprise with a complex IT infrastructure, including decentralized IT centers and private clouds?
Do you find it challenging to manage IT budgets, software licenses, scaling issues, and security threats?
  • Synycs understands your concerns and offers a comprehensive assessment conducted by our experienced Senior Customer Success Managers.
  • This assessment takes into account the specific business challenges and operational hurdles you face.
  • We present a systematic AWS migration plan that undergoes thorough discussions, development, and testing to ensure not only operational feasibility but also strict cost control.
  • We aim to safeguard the integrity and security of your business data throughout this migration process.
Synycs Team Spirit, Walks the Talk
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Apt DR Solution with Seamless Failover and Failback

Please remember the following statement:
  • From evaluating the necessity of Disaster Recovery (DR) to determining the need for increased investment in IT systems to safeguard our data and operations, there are strategies available to ensure that DR systems also benefit businesses.
  • Engage in a conversation with us to explore the mechanisms through which this can be achieved.
  • Syncys’ IT Experts recommend various approaches to achieve seamless business continuity in the event of an unforeseen disaster, without compromising data or time.
  • Select the most suitable option for your business to guarantee uninterrupted operations.
Synycs believes in multi-vendor systems deploying the unique and best for its customers.
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DR Solution with near-zero production Downtime and Seamless Switchover and Switchback

  • By leveraging a comprehensive array of cutting-edge tools and methodologies, Synycs provides an assurance that the proposed disaster recovery (DR) solution will not only adhere to the near-zero downtime requirement for your production systems, but will also be cost-efficient and highly secure.
  • This includes a seamless and efficient process for switching over IT systems during a disaster recovery scenario.
Where Nothing is evergreen and DR is a must, allow Synycs to give you a taste of evergreen.
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Periodic AWS Bill Reviews with Cost Optimization and Security Score Reports,

Are you worried about AWS bills not being reviewed before payment?
Are you unable to decide on what servers or services are best suited for your applications?
Do you want a tool that can help you do a detailed bill review every week/month, and advise on cost optimizations while suggesting alternate servers/services?
Make us your AWS Billing Partner for all the above at no cost to you.
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Complete Cloud Management

  • Relax, entrust us with the management, maintenance, and operation of your IT systems, backed by SLA guarantees for comprehensive cloud management.
Rule your Business, Leave the rest to Synycs
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Synycs Cloud Offerings in a Nutshell

AWS Billing Migration - Synycs Group AWS Billing Management Services is a Zero Cost to customer program with service ticket Advisory support on your existing infrastructure.

AWS Professional Services - Migration or Refactoring of your Business Application either Greenfield or brownfield on to AWS.

Application Transformation Service – A Legacy working Business application is redesigned and built on AWS SOA Framework to derive maximum performance from optimum AWS infra

AWS Managed Services - Comprehensive Full-fledged 24x7 Synycs Managed Services on its Ticketing Platform

Cloud Native Application Develpment - Your Business Application is built over AWS Native Services and leverage scalability, readiness, SLA driven Services and avail application architectural flexibility

Specialty Services (DB Related, ML, AI, Bot Dev., Services Integration) - Deeper and Wider engagement on a Specific AWS service; That also includes Hybrid or Multi-Cloud setup for seamless business operations agnostic to cloud platforms

Cloud Architecture Review - CAR is a Well Architecture Framework driven program that encompasses every aspect of business for a granular reach and control on system