Internet of Things (IoT)

Co-create the new digital world.

IoT has become the main player in enabling digital transformation at various levels. IoT acts as a connector between the physical world and the digital world. This connects both levels of consciousness using various internet-enabled gadgets and sensors. This gives you access to real-time data from which insights are derived and used for various purposes like increasing data-driven growth for your business. IoT driven products are already a part of our lifestyle and they are bringing a vast amount of convenience into our lives. The steady fall in prices of these gadgets and the increase in the number of IoT enabled devices brings more data to improve the scalability and it unlocks great business potential.

IoT Strategy Development

We develop IoT strategies according to your needs to enable you to experience the potential of IoT.

  • Create new revenue models
  • Create IoT Roadmaps

>IoT Strategy Development

We develop IoT strategies according to your needs to enable you to experience the potential of IoT.

Create new revenue models

Create IoT Roadmaps

>IoT Consultation

We impart the maximum potential of IoT into your business anywhere from the entire lifecycle of the service. We integrate IoT using.

Elicitation, requirement gathering and analysis

Understanding problem areas and offering recommendations in form of product and service enhancements

Business process modelling and process consulting

Repository of business-ready use cases

Specification and design of M2M architecture

>IoT Platform Development

We enable you an initiation of integration of IoT by underlying a platform to build the tech on. We develop an IoT platform that will fit your requirements.

>IoT System Integration

IoT integration calls for extensive planning with legacy networks and applications. We help organizations for a complete integration with IoT, which are compatible with your existing infrastructure. We bring you,

IoT integration with CRM

IoT integration with ERP

IoT integration with PLM

IoT integration with data warehouses


We keep an eye on analytics to bring up anything that feels relevant over time in this ever-improving architecture of IoT systems. We collate analytical data from all sources to make better decisions for you. We do this by,

Interactive dashboards showing advanced analytics

Visualization charts

Feature to import business intelligence reports

Identifying the Right Marketing Channel And Measuring ROI

Access to Metrics

>Reputation Management

Your marketing strategies and techniques take you a long way in terms of revenue. But, if the users aren’t seeing authenticity in your company or product, they will hesitate to spend on you no matter how good your campaigns and strategies are. People will look for a sense of authenticity and trust when they are looking for something. A good reputation is important to make a customer relationship. We have different strategies and plans in store to filter the negative information that can hinder your business, and we help you make the best impression on customers. This includes

Brand Email Alerts

Burial of Negative Reviews in SERP

Negative Review management on 3rd party platforms.

Brand Damage Repair & PR

Profile Building

Branding on Social Media platform

The impact

Co-create the new digital world.


Connectivity And Option To Scale Up


Data Generation For Analysis And Insights


Transformation With Smart Integration


Improved Decision Making