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Gartner’s Research says the top priority actions any CIO should take in the
healthcare industry:


Address patient safety risks introduced through digital
transformation by making it an enterprise imperative and
a formally-funded IT initiative.

Drive improvements in patient engagement and clinician
satisfaction through a total experience strategy- creating
superior, shared patient and clinician experiences across
multiple touchpoints and channels.



Build system-level insights that enable high-quality,
affordable care by investing in real-time health system
(RTHS) command center capabilities

The Rehability UK Group is a vibrant and forward-thinking family of businesses with the mission of enabling people to realise their full potential by fostering opportunities for personal development and growth in various cultures and nations, including the South East and South West of England, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan.

The group support over 700 adults across a range of settings and employ around 1200 people across the country. These figures are not static, as they continue to develop and open new services.

Rehability UK specialises in supporting adults with complex needs (including, but not limited to, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, and Mental Health Needs) to live their best possible life.

For the group, healthcare isn’t a box-ticking exercise. As Rehability UK says, "we do things we do because they add value, practicality and happiness to the lives of the people we look after."

Hello Doctor! An online GP Consultation Application is one of many innovative initiatives we are working on with Synycs.

What is "Hello Doctor"?

An online general practitioner consultation application integrated with top-tier features of cloud computing and blockchain is the next-best approach to remote healthcare.

Virtual doctor visits and medical appointments will eventually be relatively easy for their customers, thanks to Rehability UK's GP consultation app, "The Hello Doctor."

Synycs has helped Rehability UK choose the best app development sotware, educate you on cloud computing features, and arrange online or in-person consultations with healthcare professionals at a clinic or hospital. The programme makes use of the internet and ateleconferencing programme.

In 2023, healthcare organizations are favouring cutting-edge technologies like block-chain, cloud computing, and RTHS-based solutions to capture market growth, and provide ease of access to their patients particularly following COVID-19.

Hello Doctor

The challenges that healthcare seekers face when applications are not modulated with technologies.

BLOCKCHAIN blockchain

Secure data sharing:

Data can be shared using the blockchain in a protected, encrypted format. No one party will have total control over the data; patients and doctors can safely exchange personal copies of the ledger.

Better Data Management:

Doctors, patients, and healthcare professionals can manage highly confidential patient data in the most economical, secure, and open ways possible with the help of the blockchain-enabled public healthcare system.


The accuracy and transparency of the blockchain are unparalleled. Insurance fraud and data breaches have significantly decreased since the blockchain technology was implemented in telemedicine. The transparency of the network has also been boosted by the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts.

Now that everyone was aware of the ongoing difficulties the healthcare industry faces, it was imperative that someone considers taking decisive action to resolve these issues. Never before has attended an event been so advantageous. A fantastic partnership between Syncs and Rehability UK was sure to happen because one organisation had a mission and the other had a team capable of developing smart healthcare solutions by incorporating the best possible features of blockchain, cloud computing, integrated AI, and mobile app development for the betterment of the healthcare industry and healthcare seekers.

How has Synycs made it so simple?

We have learned and unlearned over the last two years about the speeding up of digital initiatives and the ever-increasing reliance on digital technologies to support and enable care delivery.

The result of some genuine bonds that Synycs and Rehability UK discovered was the development of apps. Common goals and objectives come first. When the goals and objectives of the two companies are in line, a strong relationship is frequently formed. This can be crucial in the healthcare sector, where providing top-notch patient care and enhancing outcomes are the main priorities.

The following tools/ tech framework were incorporated into "Hello Doctor" by Synycs

Springboot for the backend and Angular for the front end of a web app:

A popular Java-based framework called Spring Boot can be used to create healthcare applications. It is a compact framework that makes it simple to develop independent, reliable applications that are simple to deploy and maintain. Meanwhile, "Angular," the front-end JavaScript framework, can be used to create web-based electronic medical record (EMR) systems, patient portals, telemedicine platforms, and other healthcare applications that must be accessed through a web browser. It is frequently used in conjunction with Spring Boot to create modern web applications.

When combined, these technologies can be a powerful and effective platform for developing healthcare applications because they have a large number of built-in features and tools that can help developers build complex healthcare applications quickly and efficiently.

Mobile apps on Android and iOS using the native languages of both environments:

Additionally, they are creating a mobile application that will be important to establish because it needs to take into account every aspect of the healthcare sector while using tools and platforms that are specific to both Android and iOS.


A few, but very important, requirements that Rehabilitate UK is looking for are being met by Synycs using AWS Lambda as the public cloud solution. The serverless computing platform called Lambda, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables programmers to execute their code in response to specific events without the need to set up or maintain servers. The following are the primary characteristics that "Hello Doctor" would have:

Cost savings:

Having a cost-e¨ective way to run these codes is one of the main advantages of using AWS Lambda. With Lambda, there are no up-front costs or long-term commitments; Synycs only pays for the compute time that is used. Because of this, it is a desirable choice for businesses that want to be able to scale their code execution up or down as necessary without paying extra fees.

Automatic scaling:

The automatic scaling offered by this cloud structure is one of its greatest advantages. The developers in this case don't have to worry about manually controlling the functions' capacity. Instead, they can concentrate on developing the application and writing code, while Lambda takes care of the supporting infrastructure.

Improved reliability:

To put it simply, Lambda is built with multiple layers of redundancy to be extremely dependable and resilient. This means that even if there are problems with the underlying infrastructure or specific instances of the function, Synyc's embedded functions and codes will still function. This aids in avoiding problems like latency or timeouts, which can a¨ect how reliable the application is.

Enhanced security:

With the help of Lambda's integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can give your functions granular permissions and manage which users and resources have access to them. Overall, Synycs trusts AWS Lambda because it o¨ers a safe and legal environment for developing and deploying your applications, as well as a variety of tools and features that can help you increase the security of your sotware.

End-to-end encryption

With end-to-end encryption, only the sender and the recipient can read the messages being transmitted, thereby securing communication. Encryption using both a public key and a private key is used to achieve this.

Each user of public key encryption has two keys: a private key and a public key. Messages sent to the user are encrypted using the public key, and they are decrypted using the private key. This helps prevent data transmissions from being intercepted by outside parties.

The public keys of the sender and the recipient are used to encrypt and decrypt messages as they are transmitted between the two parties in end-to-end encryption. This is helpful for telemedicine and other applications that need to transmit sensitive data securely.

Overall, Synycs believes that end-to-end encryption is an effective tool for securing communication and safeguarding the privacy of both healthcare providers and patients.

AWS Quantum Ledgers

The AWS Quantum Ledger Database provides security for Synyc's final security configuration. It o¨ers a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable record of transactions and is a fully managed ledger database service. It's a cloud-based service that Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers.

Benefits of AWS Quantum Ledgers in Health-Tech

The healthcare sector may use the AWS Quantum Ledger Database to create secure and verifiable records of a variety of transactions, including patient records, insurance claims, and supply chain information. In addition, it offers e¨ective querying and indexing tools, which can make it simpler to examine and draw conclusions from healthcare data. Additionally, it offers high availability and durability, which can aid in maintaining the ongoing availability of medical Data.

Synycs is mindfully incorporating and creating every possible useful solution along with our
core team to bring a very functional and very safe healthcare GP consultation application to
our international user base. And, this by the way is just a beginning"

Amjad Mahmood

Founder & CEO, Rehability UK

“In order to make life easier for our customers and vendors, Synycs worked closely with our team to design and developed an exciting new bespoke, Cloud based, real time Stock Management software system which has already yielded savings of as much as 50% of costs in this area for many of our major customer”

Amjad Mahmood

Founder & CEO, Rehability UK

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